Digital Transformation Services

Digital Drivers

Automate Processes: Business Process Automation

The advent of new digital technologies makes it viable to integrate and streamline enterprise processes. Companies handicapped with non-digitized business processes lack business agility and market responsiveness. Automating & optimizing processes plays an essential role in achieving business agility.

Integrate Eco Systems: Align Ecosystems

Integrate supplier, partner, and customer ecosystems Customers want a quick and seamless digital experience. However, most companies cannot meet customer expectations due to a lack of connectedness across the supply and demand chains of their business. Therefore, integrating and automating enterprise processes is essential for customer attraction & retention.

Create new Business Models: Innovate state-of-the-art Business models

Create new, disruptive business models ARCSTREAM’s digital focus streams represent technologies that are prompting significant changes in how companies innovate, operate, and serve customers. They are forcing companies to rethink how they do business. Innovation in business models represents disruption that may lead to new forms of revenue & profit production.

Digital Focus Streams

Data & Intelligence Automation

The techniques and technologies used to create measurable business value from data, information, and knowledge. Many companies are thinking hard to find the best way to create value in such applications from formidable computing power and a tremendous amount of data that require high-speed processing. The precise intention of Data & Intelligence is to convert dormant enormous, big data into meaningful data and even into intelligence. ArcStream's Data & Intelligence brings you the maximum benefit from a deep understanding of the business and technology trends in your company's field. ArcStream leverages all the technologies to provide industry-specific solutions and decision-making systems based on AI and analysis.

Customer Experience

Digitalization is accelerating with increased expectations from the market and our customers, and is materializing through the evolution of technologies and operating models. The business of a handful of global giants is forcing reform in every industry, and companies that earnestly tackle and succeed in reforming and improving their customer experiences stand to reap tremendous rewards. In contrast, companies that neglect to make such efforts will face the risk of failure. ArcStream will help you to reform conventional face-to-face services into total customer experiences using various channels including the web, mobile applications, optimized call centers, virtual agents, voice assistants, and connected devices.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the first step toward digitalization. According to one report, the IoT market is expected to grow to one trillion dollars by 2025. The growth of this field and opportunities it will generate are huge. Opportunities to develop your business derive from how you will face IoT field and combine it with other Digital Focus Areas to make unique solutions. ArcStream can provide optimal IoT solutions by combining solutions and services with its business knowledge and other digital focus streams


Cybersecurity attacks not only risk your reputation, but could also inflict severe damage. With the recent growing impact of such risks, new regulations such as the EU’s GDPR are emerging. Substantial fines on companies that do not take proper security measures will soon become a reality, so every organization needs to take security measures that suit it best. ArcStream emphasizes cybersecurity countermeasures such as risk management, security upgrades, and compliance programs when promoting digitalization to our clients. Our services can support both upstream and downstream activities and encompass strategy consulting, security measure implementation, and technical consulting.